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Who We Are

About BigFan11

BigFan11 is a fantasy sports platform in INDIA that allows users to play fantasy Cricket. It is a Game of Skill that offers Indian sports fans a platform to showcase their sports knowledge. Fans can create their own team made up of real-life players from upcoming matches, score points based on their on-field performance, and compete with other fans. Using this application will not only change the way you watch cricket matches but also make you win winsome winnings almost every day. Visit the website today, register for regular updates, and get ready for the best fantasy cricket experience.

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How to Play

Select a Match

Select a match you want to play and show off your skills

Create Team

Create your own team by selecting different players within a defined virtual credit points.

Join Contests

With your team join contests to compete with other users or compete with your friends through a private contest created by you or your friends.

Watch yourself Winning

Once the match completes check your scorecard for your rank & WINNINGS!


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